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Olivia Wilde does a good job summing up our unhealthy relationship with checked luggage. Even though we know it’s a huge pain in the ass, we still do it.  We willingly hand over the credit card and pay whatever fee the airline is now demanding. We wait longingly at the carousel for our bags, like a kid waiting for their parents after soccer practice. In some cases, it makes sense to check a bag. Yet for most trips, you can get away with packing in a carryon.

I have successfully not checked a bag in more than 3 years. After lugging my massive, wheeled bag over cobblestone streets and up metro steps, I swore never again. Honestly, do you really need a 50 pound bag for a seven day trip? Heck no! (to be honest, it takes us days to refine our packing to make sure all outfits and necessities fit!)

Through all my travels, I’ve learned the key to successful packing is a good carryon. I’m talking the “personal item” that usually contains your life in it. I’ve tried the backpacks and the purses and narrowed it down to our top 3 carryon bags.


1. Feed Bag – a perfect back for city exploring. It can hold your camera, wallet, toiletries, and a bottle of water – easily. And this amazing bag helps feed children across the world.

2. CamelBak Backpack – this is my favorite bag for adventurous trips. The backpack itself is spacious with various compartments and the camelbak will keep you hydrated when hiking or exploring the city.

3. Longchamp Le Pilage – this is my number one, hands down, go to bag for everything. I’ve taken this bag on every trip I’ve been on. It’s waterproof (dropped it in the ocean in Thailand), huge, comfortable, and can be packed down.

What’s your favorite carryon?

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