The iPhone is a pretty good travel companion, nay, it is a great travel companion. With a pretty decent camera and apps to make to make anyone a world-famous artist (pronounced arteest), I always bring my phone wherever I go. My favorite photography app right now is VSCO Cam. It’s Instagram x 10 for people really interested in photography, rather than bathroom selfies. This weekend as I was talking to Pike Place Market to do my weekly flower shopping, I encountered some pretty amazing things and snapped away using VSCO.

  1. First, as I was walking out of my apartment I saw a anti-war in Syria protest. One thing I love about Seattle is how politically active it is and how protests and rallies are normal.
  2. Then as I was making my way to my favorite flower stand, I heard beautiful folk country tunes and had to stop and listen. This little duo was playing outside the Original Starbucks, entertaining the hoards of tourists waiting in line for a Pumpkin Spice Latte.
  3. Finally found my favorite flower stall and scooped up as many of these $5 sunflowers as I could carry.




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