fall jackets

It’s officially Fall which means it’s time to pull those sweaters and jackets out of the depths of your closet. This is personally my favorite time of year. I love spending the day outside, the crisp air hugging me, as I sip salted caramel latte and shop the farmers market. I mean, it really doesn’t get better than that!

I’ve always struggled packing for trips in September/October. It’s not warm enough for a light sweater, but it’s not cold enough for a pea coat. It’s rainy, but I don’t want to wear my athletic rain jacket to dinner. I need something that is going to go with several outfits and still look cute. I need something that has a hood, so I am protected if it does rain. I need something longer to keep me warm at night.

After searching high and low for something functional, fashionable, and affordable, I stumbled across these bad boys at Zara and new they had to be mine. I already ordered the green one and am impatiently waiting her arrival!

fall jackets

1 & 3: Quilted Parka 

2: Parka with Hood and Pockets

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